Who We Are.

Our team is just a bunch of oxymorons—organized visionaries, creative realists, imaginative detailers… the list goes on.

We exist to create space
for meaningful connections.
It’s not just what we do,
it’s who we are.

With broad experience and big ideas, Reztark is a nimble studio of problem-solvers, explorers, and blue-sky thinkers. With the belief that you are only limited by your willingness to ask what’s possible. Together, we are united by a desire to design with intention and to create genuine connections. Connections that build relationships, improve lives, and open eyes to new ideas. It’s what motivates us, it’s the reason we get out of bed, it’s why we are here. Because design moves us — design brings us together.

Our Team

Bonnie Vodenik

Interior Designer

Brett J.D. Kratzer

CEO | Founder

Brett Smith

Design Professional

Brian Murray

VP | Graphic Design

Cassie Koch

Sr. Architect

Corey Mai

Sr. Design Professional

Dan Berger

Sr. Design Professional

Darion Ziegler

Sr. Architect

David Behrens

Director | Managing Director

Dean G. Lutton

VP | Architect

Donna Ross

VP | Managing Director

Emma McMonigal

Design Professional

Eric Arter

SVP | Managing Director

Erin Kline

Sr. Architect

Garrett Rice

Director | Graphic Design

George Masie

Sr. Architect

Ian Ramous

SVP | Director of Architecture

Jeff Wysocki

Sr. Design Professional

Joseph Northcutt

Director | Technology

Josh Pedoto

Sr. Architect

Karlena Cornett

Sr. Design Professional

Katherine Ducey

Professional | Marketing

Kevin Spring

Director | Architect

Leeanne Boland

Sr. Interior Designer

Lisa Ducey


Madison Grothaus

Sr. Architect

Mark Specker

Design Professional


VP | Site Observations

Meredith Seeds

VP | Interior Design

Mike Darcy

Sr. Architect

Rebecca Kaiser

Graphic Designer

Ryan Johnson

VP | Design Director

Tom Custer

VP | Business Development

Victoria Myrick

Design Professional

Yazeed Abu Gharbieh

Design Professional

Zach Kamerer

Director | Architect

Creating Connections Since 2006

It’s hard to believe that Reztark was once a one man studio started in a garage. We’ve seen many changes since then, as we’ve grown into a fully integrated multi-disciplinary studio that continues to support our vision; guiding clients toward solutions that positively impact the community through innovation and design.

Embracing our Midwestern roots, our Cincinnati office continues to be the heart of our organization while our offices in Cleveland and the Tampa Bay areas allow us to better connect to our clients, nationally and around the globe.


Stories of old describe “The Reztark” as an ancient ground dwelling sloth that could devour entire trees in just one bite… just kidding. Reztark is our founder, Brett Kratzer’s last name spelled backwards.


To prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for, especially to plan the form and structure; to intend for a definite purpose; to form or conceive in the mind; to assign in thought or intention. It’s what move us.


The workroom or atelier of an artist, a room or place for instruction for experimentation. Ours started in a room above Brett’s garage and now has multiple locations.


“My hope, is that Reztark will be an incubator of innovation and creativity. A place that embraces growth, and change for both ourselves and our clients. A studio built of stewards for design, community and environment. We will investigate and utilize materials, processes, and systems, to rearrange, recalibrate, and reinvent things, to be more efficient and user friendly.”

Brett Kratzer CEO | Founder