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Planning for Community Engagement – Designing for a Balanced Lifestyle

Respecting the Surroundings

Through continued research and experience within the field, we have discovered that a sense of community helps foster and enhance the success of a development. This development creates an open and welcoming place that integrates into the community while providing the comforts of home and neighbors. With Vinty, we set out to create a true essence and spirit of place, one that caters to the sensitivities of the surrounding neighborhood and its Latin culture. This was achieved in part by creating a celebratory front door, private/public project green and future mixed-use flexibility.

Multifaceted multifamily experts

The multifamily market is unique in every case in that each project must be instrumental in fostering a sense of home that resonates with the local market. Developments that create an open and welcoming place, rich with relevant experiences, activities and engaging opportunities, not only integrate into the outer community, they provide comfort to the residents and visitors alike. A focus on community that is built into the planning and design process will enhance the success of any development.