The Terraces

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The Terraces

Introducing a bold new vision for the future of one of cincinnati’s most historic icons

Evolving Design

While taking cues and inspiration from the historic design, the new direction elegantly departs from the rigid vertical and horizontal identity, introducing a new direction (the diagonal, the step, the Terrace) for a new era of development. A new copper color facade, taking inspiration from the iconic gourmet room curvature, clads the parking. Introduction of new glazing germinating from the ground level lobby entrance and navigating the entire base of the project does two things. The glazing interrupts the 400’ long facade, but also provides a visual and navigational marker for those circulating in and out of the parking structure. A new glass curtain wall for the corner units at the east end of the tower helps to define the residential tower and creates a new presence upon arriving to the city along 6th street. Units are enhanced by enlarging the original glazing only in height, helping to maintain historic proportions and patterns while providing better views to the resident.

The design updates which alter the look of the historic icon, also serve to reinterpret, and refocus the essence of the original building, making a successful project for not only today but well into the future. Thus, ensuring The Terraces legacy continues for the next 75 years.

A Rich History

The Terrace Plaza is a place with rich history and deep public connection. To advance the legacy of such an iconic building requires a keen eye on its history. The next chapter of the property will pay homage to the original character, while advancing key themes forward for future generations.

We will revitalize a destination at the heart of downtown by maintaining its essence, celebrating the surrounding urban landscape, connecting people through engaging spaces, & elevating everyday life.

Elevating the Form + Function

We start by drawing inspiration, respecting what makes it special. We define the parti, capturing the essence — capturing places to connect. By bringing the terraces to life and evolving the form, we enhance the overall experience.

The redevelopment and revitalization of The Terrace Plaza begins with looking to the past to inspire the future. By distilling the project down to its essence, we create a new icon, which filters throughout the project in many scales, finally culminating in the re-branding of The Terrace Plaza Hotel to The Terraces.

The new mark harkens the original property branding through the use of a condensed typeface and spaced out letter forms. Introduced is the Terrace Icon, which serves a reminder of the building’s essence – the tiered nature of the architecture and unique outdoor spaces. The Icon is prominent in the architecture as well as the brand, becoming recognizable on its own or as part of the new brand pattern.

Repositioning the development as The Terraces is a gentle departure from the original name, but most importantly it better captures the future direction for the property. Our vision for The Terraces is to create an engaging place for the community to visit, live, and work. The Terraces will provide unique spaces indoor and out for people to connect. The project will always have a deep connection with Cincinnati, only now it will provide opportunity for the city to reconnect on many levels. The Terraces will elevate and spark new grown at the core of Cincinnati, elevating daily life.

Live + Work | Elevated

The Terraces reposition the historic program from Hotel and Lobby to Residential Apartments and Amenities, while reactivating the ground level with Retail, Restaurants and Live/Work spaces. The program also makes room for a museum space dedicated to honoring the history of the modernist structure and its elements, while the windowless base transitions department store into public parking for the property and City. The historic Gourmet Room restaurant will become a Restaurant and Bar.

We know mixed-use

The blending together and integration of multiple uses into a space that through composing form, connectivity, and engagement bring people together in a stimulating sequence of settings that encourages connectivity and creates a lasting bond with the public. At its very minimum, mixed-use creates opportunities for growth. At its very best, mixed-use design evolves — threading complex components in a simple presentation that provides vitality, energy, and experiences for life.
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