The Red Corner

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The Red Corner

Developing a high profile site to appeal to surrounding residents and the market, alike

Putting the “Home” in Townhome

This challenging site occupies a transitional parcel between a single-family neighborhood and other commercial properties. Reztark developed a plan and assisted with rezoning of the site and several setback variances to allow the buildings to be pulled toward the street. The building arrangement positions the parking to the interior of the site. The massing of the development encourages a walkable urban streetscape and forms a buffer between the single-family neighborhood and commercial properties. This prominent location provides easy access to many local restaurants, entertainment, and shopping destinations.

Conveniently located in the heart of Oakley, the RED Corner offers spacious 3- and 4-bedroom townhomes. Thoughtfully designed, these pet-friendly homes feature natural light, designer kitchens with sophisticated finishes, including quartz countertops, and stainless-steel appliances, and direct access to private 2-car garages. The residents also enjoy the amenities offered by sister property the RED – swimming pool, commercial kitchen, and 3-acre dog park.



Cincinnati, Ohio


Multifaceted multifamily experts

The multifamily market is unique in every case in that each project must be instrumental in fostering a sense of home that resonates with the local market. Developments that create an open and welcoming place, rich with relevant experiences, activities and engaging opportunities, not only integrate into the outer community, they provide comfort to the residents and visitors alike. A focus on community that is built into the planning and design process will enhance the success of any development.