The Pointe at Clareview

Transit-Oriented Design

The Pointe

Attracting New Residents by Creating a Spirited and Dynamic Epicenter for the Future Growth of Edmonton

A Catalyst for Urban Prosperity

The Pointe at Clareview is the vision for the next future Transportation-Oriented Development (TOD) for the City of Edmonton. Clareview, the furthest northeast suburb from downtown Edmonton, with continued growth forecasted, needed enhanced transportation portals and residential housing to the City of Edmonton. The City of Clareview and Cameron Development Company combined land and resources in a partnership to identify the next mixed-use district for the City of Edmonton, with the goal to create a unified planned development tying together the existing transportation hub (Bus and Rail) with a new proposed entertainment zone that blended commercial, retail, and community focused uses.

The solution was a connected, walkable mixed-use community with pedestrian threads that linked the various districts of the development with other surrounding uses to the community green – the development’s heart and soul. The rail tracks connecting downtown Edmonton to the oil-sands to the north and the commuter rail line that terminated at the Clareview Station, bifurcated the properties into two separate parcels. Using a new Transportation Hall as the unifying element to tie the two properties together and weave the intersections of pedestrian linkages, the project becomes one unified development composed of separate districts, all connected by the Common Green.

The final program included a bus and rail transportation center; 4,400 parking spaces; 345,000 SF of curated retail, restaurant, and entertainment destinations; approximately 1,800 residential townhomes, flats, and lofts; two 150-key hotels; 350,000 SF of office space; and various green spaces and parks. Conceptually, as separate threads of a blanket being woven into one, the concept pulls and connects the various pedestrian linkages to and around the projects heart, an approximate 2-acre park curated and planned across 12 months of the year.



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


There is Harmony in Planning

Master planning is about creating genius loci – a space that is alive – through a plan comprised of a program but defined by soul. Engaging all disciplines to create a system of connections, we transform a plan into a series of spaces that encourage community and generate memories ultimately bringing people back to a place. Through collaboration with clients we establish a vision and a program of uses that inform the design and enable us to discover the possibilities of a place.