The Oval at Blairmore

Developing A Destination

The Oval at Blairmore

Over 300 Acres Connected by One Beautifully Designed Plan

Creating a high-density node

The Oval at Blairmore, located on the western most edge of downtown Saskatoon, is forecasted to be the fastest growing sector in the greater area. The dense mixed-use development comprised of retail, hospitality, office, educational, entertainment and residential uses are connected by a central oval-shaped ring road acting like a spoke on a wheel to bring people to its central core. The assorted amenity mix will draw people back to the site again and again to experience all it has to offer.



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada



Reztark worked closely with GRS in identifying the appropriate total leasable area for each category of retail GRS determined as essential to this project. Working with GRS we collectively homed in on the appropriate location and configuration necessary to make the Project successful.

Office and Higher Education

During a workshop it was determined that Blairmore Station would be an excellent location for higher education and that approximately 250,000 sf would be an appropriate area that a learning institution could develop and grow into. With the number of new units and housing planned for this section of Saskatoon, the general addition of new workplace alternatives, and a thriving and active central core will provide a solid foundation for this use.

Residential & Hospitality

The density progression created is comfortable and relaxed, supporting the decision to create a walkable, mixed-use community. The resultant plan provides multiple opportunities to pursue the type of living a prospective buyer might want to make and introducing hotels into the Project reinforce Blairmore Station as the leading edge, urban mixed-use development.