The Kenwood Collection

A Transformation

Kenwood Towncenter

Over three years and four distinct concepts in the making, the kenwood collection tested our creativity to the limits — culminating with monumental results.

From rusty heap to best-in-class

Starting out as a neglected power center, Reztark helped turn the Kenwood Collection into one of the premier shopping destinations in the region. Organizing the main entrance and retail spaces around a plaza increases the amount of storefront available for the tenants and creates a clear point of arrival for visitors to the site. Taking advantage of the high-visibility location, the Kenwood Collection tower’s iconic floating canopy and glass exterior grab people’s attention as they drive by the site. Large storefront signage and an extensive wayfinding assist visitors in navigating the parking garage as well as the office tower and retail center.


Sitting vacant since 2007, the client purchased the foreclosed partially built decaying mixed-use development in 2012 with a vision to rebirth the project into a class-A retail and office destination. With retail struggling, Power Retail was no longer the solution. So how to convert a completed outdoor power center into a luxury enclosed shopping center, while keeping Crate & Barrel, the Container Store, Mitchell’s Spa and Salon open, and working through existing encumbrances on the property – such as dealing with 3.5-acre on-grade parking field, owned by the neighboring shopping center, who didn’t want to honor the existing shared parking easement negotiated by the original owner. Solving new exiting and servicing, blending a class-A office building into the retail mix, responding to individual tenant requirements, and coordinating vertical and horizontal circulation became the focus for the design team. We also worked with the Port Authority of Hamilton County, who owned the five-story 2,327 space garage and whose vision for the parking facility was to support the development as well as provide parking for commuters using public transportation, as the cities commuter line runs contiguous to the site.


We were tasked with creating a vision for the property that would position it for the future. We transformed the rusting structure into a nine-level, 250,000 square foot Class-A office building (increasing the office by one level) and we integrated it into a world class 350,000 square foot, 2-level luxury shopping destination. Based on the existing column grid, Reztark recognized that a concourse could be carved out of the center of the power center, thus allowing the opportunity for the formation of an enclosed two-level shopping experience. Coordinating with Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany’s as anchors at one end, the Container Store and Crate & Barrel at the other, leasing began filing the space with luxury tenants and retailers not in the Cincinnati market.

A unique brand identity was created for the exterior façade that was generated from a design element placed in the skylight main concourse – this element evolved as a means to decorate existing cross lateral bracing. Reztark was involved in completing all signage and environmental graphics for the project.

Solution 1 | Upscale Boutique/Entertainment Center

01 Create a concourse by cutting through the widest structural bay, centrally located above the drive aisle of the parking garage below, creating shallower depth retail on each side.

02 The newly established concourse allows for cross shopping to occur. In turn, allowing for a more diverse and larger tenant mix.

03 The large central court accommodates vertical circulation, acting as a focal point to host tenant fashion events.

04 A third level addition recaptures lost leasable concourse area and provides an entertainment program.

05 Large to small scale retail.

Solution 2 | Anchored Luxury Shopping Destination

01 Following RECON, the Client the felt third floor would be a challenge to lease, only way to recoup lost leasable area from concourse is to expand on property, necessitating a relocation of The Container Store and Create & Barrel.

02 Adjust concourse to new conditions: two cores with multiple anchors, a feature food component, and display of a quality art program.

03 Large to small scale retail.

Solution 3 | Grocery Anchored Shopping Center

01 In lieu of carving a concourse through the middle of the building, carve out the middle to provide smaller retail shops and to respect the office tenant by providing a view other than roof.

02 Introduce sculptural trees as iconic statement and interest.

03 Medium to large scale retail and restaurants on level 2.

Solution 4 | Grocery Anchored/Home/Entertainment Lifestyle Center

01 In lieu of carving a concourse through the middle of the building, carve out the middle to provide smaller retail shops and to respect the office tenant by providing a view other than roof.

02 Add landscaping/hardscape elements to activate new plaza form with lifestyle amenities.

03 Large to medium scale retail.

We Know Mixed-Use

The blending together and integration of multiple uses into a space that through composing form, connectivity, and engagement bring people together in a stimulating sequence of settings that encourages connectivity and creates a lasting bond with the public. At its very minimum, mixed-use creates opportunities for growth. At its very best, mixed-use design evolves — threading complex components in a simple presentation that provides vitality, energy, and experiences for life.