The Golden Lamb

Revitalizing a National Treasure

The Golden Lamb

Updating a 200-Year-Old Landmark for a New Generation While Unifying Layers of History Through Story

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Since 1803, The Golden Lamb has been Lebanon, Ohio’s living room. For over 200 years’ time it has humbly played host to neighbors, travelers, statesmen, presidents, and families alike. However, time also takes its toll and the owners realize the time has come to evolve the Golden Lamb experience so that it may be passed on to a new generation.

The first phase of renovations involves two different spaces: The Black Horse Tavern and The Dickens Dining Room. Although each space has its own design concept, both are purposefully designed to maintain the integrity of their individual stories.



Lebanon, Ohio


The Dickens Dining Room was named after one of the greatest novelists of the Victorian Era who stayed at the Golden Lamb in 1842.

The transformation is designed to embody the richness of a Victorian writer’s study. The intimate, yet casual experience is surrounded with custom built-in bookcases stacked with the works of Dickens, locally reclaimed wood flooring, custom wallcovering, and 10’ velvet drapes.

The Black Horse Tavern is the heartbeat of the property — fully renovated and expanded with a new entrance, fireplace, veranda for dining, and restrooms.

The new design delivers a dramatic use of dark, textural materials with hints of gold, nontraditional art, a variety of seating options, and an eclectic mix of pattern to evoke a rustic yet refined tavern feel.

"The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity." - Ronald Duncan

"Back at the inn, that history is preserved in artifacts and creaking stairs and stories. When you go through the new entrance to the black horse tavern, on the side of the building, you start a journey backward in history. "

Polly Campbell

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