The Boulevard

Building Community

The Boulevard

Holistic Design for Multifamily

Changing perspectives

When Reztark became involved with The Boulevard at Oakley Station, it changed from being a stagnant plan that the Oakley community did not support to a place the neighborhood has embraced. Reztark sought to make this development a place that inspired community and connected people by re-configuring the plan and orienting the buildings on the site to create a sense of an urban streetscape with the amenities acting as the town square. The continued success of this project speaks to the value of creating spaces focused on people and led to a second phase that has added 150 units to the site.



Cincinnati, Ohio


Rounding Out the Plan

Expanding on the successful aspects of the initial multifamily development, Phase 2 of The Boulevard grows the positive impact of this community on Oakley. Drawing young professionals to the area, this project has brought on a surge of restaurants and retailers in the area including one of Cincinnati’s most loved craft breweries who relocated adjacent to the site.

Multifaceted multifamily experts

The multifamily market is unique in every case in that each project must be instrumental in fostering a sense of home that resonates with the local market. Developments that create an open and welcoming place, rich with relevant experiences, activities and engaging opportunities, not only integrate into the outer community, they provide comfort to the residents and visitors alike. A focus on community that is built into the planning and design process will enhance the success of any development.