Smart Lab

Destroy & Rebuild

Smart Lab

An innovation lab where students feel safe to question everything — where “what if?” meets reality

The nerdier the better

P&G engaged Reztark to help develop a cohesive experience for their breakthrough SmarLab concept. The lab is a revolutionary take on co-op space that brings together students and employers who have a very diverse range of skills and experience, across many R&D fields. This interdisciplinary mix of individuals need a safe space to work collaborative while moving consumer research projects from concept to execution within weeks rather than months.

The goal for SmartLab is to create an environment that inspired the mind, fostered communication, and encouraged exploration. Bold colors, fun story-telling graphics, and patterns were used in combination with simple, flexible, and affordable furniture solutions to deliver a real-world work experience for students and faculty. From flexible and open collaboration to tailored maker spaces, this modern workplace pushes the frontier of co-op spaces.



Champaign, Illinois


Workplace is in our nature

The blending together and integration of multiple uses into a space that through composing form, connectivity, and engagement bring people together in a stimulating sequence of settings that encourages connectivity and creates a lasting bond with the public. At its very minimum, mixed-use creates opportunities for growth. At its very best, mixed-use design evolves — threading complex components in a simple presentation that provides vitality, energy, and experiences for life.