Scenario Learning

Accommodating Continued Growth

Scenario Learning

Scenario Learning was a rapidly growing startup in need of a new office to alleviate their growing pains with a new space that would accommodate their growth for the next ten years.

Baked-in brand culture

Providing real-estate assistance to Scenario Learning, Reztark developed test-fit planning services for 4 different locations to ensure the location would support their ten-year plan and promote their culture. Leveraging much of the existing space to keep costs down meant finding a creative solution to open and connect a piecemeal space. Working with the client and landlord to allow for the installation of a large storefront window with a custom graphic installed along the corridor opened sight lines within the space.

Creating a space that embodied their mission to make safer schools and work environments became a primary goal for the new office. Through the use of bright colors and open office spaces, the design generated a workplace promoting safety.



Cincinnati, Ohio


Workplace is in Our Nature

The blending together and integration of multiple uses into a space that through composing form, connectivity, and engagement bring people together in a stimulating sequence of settings that encourages connectivity and creates a lasting bond with the public. At its very minimum, mixed-use creates opportunities for growth. At its very best, mixed-use design evolves — threading complex components in a simple presentation that provides vitality, energy, and experiences for life.

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