Our New Trajectory

Reztark Design Studio

Wanted: A New Home for a Creative, Passionate Team of Designers.

A Clear Vision

We embarked on a journey to evolve our brand, our culture, and our space. After years of searching and developing we finally made it. The new brand and space are fun and inspirational, having a visual component communicating our unique culture. The physical spaces developed in response to staff desires to make it comfortable, with loosely defined spaces that promote creativity, and passion to develop amazing design with a positive attitude.

The office embodies Reztark’s determination to go beyond the status quo with sit-stand desks for all employees, multiple break out work zones, 1/3rd of the space allocated to amenities such as an innovation lab, quiet zones and a spacious work café. Our office is all about collaboration and communication, so the team needed to be on one floor with full site lines to one another.

Keep it simple, be nimble and to adapt to the ever-changing workplace.

A Rewarding Journey

After many dead ends, we found a new home. The building was in shambles, requiring vision and perspective. A concrete three-story building built in 1920 for a bank provided 10,000 sf of character, high ceilings, sunlight, and a clear span floor with no columns – Our Studio! The concept was created by the entire staff reflecting our culture: “Anything but Ordinary!” — be bold, be passionate, have fun, be collaborative, be honest, communicate.

We are determined to go beyond the status quo and our space reflects our vision of design.

Workplace is in Our Nature

Too often workplace design can just feel like a math problem. At Reztark, workplace design is about blending the beautiful and the functional in new and exciting ways. We take a personal approach, improving employee engagement and productivity through optimizing collaboration, focus, and efficiency based on shifting needs. As the way we work changes, the need for creative, flexible, and future thinking solutions will remain.