Mercedes Benz of West Chester

Showroom Renovation

Mercedes Benz of West Chester

Renovating a Timeless Brand — Updating a Premier Dealership

There is Always Room for Improvement

As part of a nation-wide roll out of Mercedes-Benz new Autohaus2 brand identity, Mercedes-Benz of West Chester launched an extensive interior renovation to implement the new brand standards. A complete renovation of the sales and customer lounge areas feature new lighting, furnishings, and premium finishes, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, the sales area features a tower providing the sales manager a sweeping view of the showroom, and the customer lounge introduces a custom reception desk, greeting customers as they enter the service area. The site was expanded to feature a new car display lot with landscaping and site lighting. The new 30’ tall exterior sign blade, showcasing the iconic Mercedes Benz logo, and signage wall highlight this prominent luxury brand.




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