Macy’s Progress Place

Form Designed For Function


Compressing a sprawling space into a finely tuned work environment

Quality Meets Quantity

Designing Macy’s Progress Place involved transforming an old manufacturing plant into a modern work environment. With over 2,500 feet of frontage and 16’ ceilings it was obvious we needed to keep the plan as open as possible and flood the space with natural light. However, with an office the size of three football fields, the biggest challenge was finding a way to unify the space and create a sense of familiarity for six to eight hundred employees.

The iconic Macy’s red was used on furniture, flooring, and murals as a wayfinding device to help employees navigate the sprawling space. A bold floor pattern was developed to intuitively delineate between work, collaborative, and common areas. Zoning the large site into departments further broke down the expansive feel of the building. Ultimately Reztark managed to knit together a campus like work environment under one roof.



Springdale, Ohio


Workplace is in Our Nature

Too often workplace design can just feel like a math problem. At Reztark, workplace design is about blending the beautiful and the functional in new and exciting ways. We take a personal approach, improving employee engagement and productivity through optimizing collaboration, focus, and efficiency based on shifting needs. As the way we work changes, the need for creative, flexible, and future thinking solutions will remain.

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