Passion for Performance

Legion Logistics

Workplace Design That Deliveres for the Long Haul

Growing Culture

The client came to Reztark with the goal of creating a place that would first help their growing firm with talent recruitment and retention, but also express the culture of the company. Reztark developed a plan to help Legion stand out and make a statement. The company is built on a strong work ethic that believes there is no problem that can’t be solved through hard work and innovation. Through interior enhancements and graphic design, we highlighted Legion’s ability to connect the dots and make things happen.



Newport, Kentucky


"We wanted to be more intentional for our employees, give them something visually interesting that expresses the culture of our company."

Lacy Starling

President, Legion Logistics

Workplace is in Our Nature

Too often workplace design can just feel like a math problem. At Reztark, workplace design is about blending the beautiful and the functional in new and exciting ways. We take a personal approach, improving employee engagement and productivity through optimizing collaboration, focus, and efficiency based on shifting needs. As the way we work changes, the need for creative, flexible, and future thinking solutions will remain.

Ironwood Flats at Brandon Green

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