Kinetic Vision

Capturing the Essence of a Brand

Kinetic Vision

Expanding on a good thing through innovative planning and design

Planned for success

The Kinetic Vision campus was realized over multiple phases and embodies the company’s innovative nature. To achieve the client’s vision, Reztark collaborated with Miller Valentine Group as Design-Build Partners. Almost tripling in size over time, each addition needed to maintain consistency with the original design. During the design development process, Reztark connected the first two buildings through a breezeway to provide a means to circulate between the buildings and create a gathering space for socializing and IT connectivity.

The latest building was planned to anticipate a fourth, providing outdoor spaces while allowing for current and future use. The building design aesthetic progressed to match evolving technology, mimicking the Client’s innovative business model offerings.



Cincinnati, Ohio


Establishing a Foundation

We created a design solution that incorporated architectural metal siding, storefront glass, and crisp geometric forms. Establishing a design aligned to Kinetic Vision’s brand allowed their clients and visitors to connect with their mission and build a relationship with the company. The continued success of Kinetic Vision’s business led to multiple expansions.

Workplace is in Our Nature

Too often workplace design can just feel like a math problem. At Reztark, workplace design is about blending the beautiful and the functional in new and exciting ways. We take a personal approach, improving employee engagement and productivity through optimizing collaboration, focus, and efficiency based on shifting needs. As the way we work changes, the need for creative, flexible, and future thinking solutions will remain.

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