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Tradition Meets Innovation

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Enhancing a Flagship Campus Through Meaningful Storytelling & a Little Whimsy

Leveraging Legacy to Inspiring Culture

Reztark had the privilege to lead one of the Nation’s most influential institutions through an evolution of their current workplace branding. We focused on their story to convey the company’s legacy more meaningfully to employees. The scope included 540,000 SF over 12 levels of environmental graphic design, signage, and wayfinding. As part of the branding effort, we designed an experiential space that is unique on a local level that serves as a community gathering place to inspire the company’s culture and attract new talent.

In addition to the branding the new 12 story office building, Reztark helped transform a 20,000 SF of blank garage surface into a striking work of art that compliments the campus’s park-like town center and creates a beautiful back drop for the entire campus. We designed parking garage screening using three rarely seen techniques to deliver one monumental landmark that will be enjoyed for a very long time. As part of our scope, we also designed signage and wayfinding for multiple garage structures, unifying them using clear and consistent color and numbering systems.



Plano, Texas


Workplace is in Our Nature

Too often workplace design can just feel like a math problem. At Reztark, workplace design is about blending the beautiful and the functional in new and exciting ways. We take a personal approach, improving employee engagement and productivity through optimizing collaboration, focus, and efficiency based on shifting needs. As the way we work changes, the need for creative, flexible, and future thinking solutions will remain.

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