Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery

Feeling Good Never Looked So Good

Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery

Positioning a New Practice As the Premier Plastic Surgeon in the Region Through Simple and Sophisticated Design

Elevating the Surgical Customer Experience

Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery approached Reztark to design an unparalleled office for their new practice in Cincinnati. Building on the established brand identity and Dr. Harmon’s passion for architecture, Reztark brought the space to life.

Upon arrival patients are welcomed into a comfortable and inviting interior. The gold trimmed glass, soft-edged contemporary reception furniture, sleek coffee table, and oak floor with natural jute rug set a positive tone for the patient experience. The attention to detail flows throughout the offices, treatment rooms and surgical suite, reflecting that aesthetics are truly important to Dr. Harmon. The thoughtful elegant design emphasizes the care he provides to his patients, in turn, reinforcing the brand personality.



Cincinnati, Ohio


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