Downtown Montgomery

A Strategic Re-Focusing

Downtown Montgomery

The city of Montgomery requested a walkable connected development that extended old Montgomery, created a gateway to their city, and remedied poor traffic conditions.

A Hub for Community Life

Located at the intersection of two major roads, traffic management was a primary concern for the site. Developing a roundabout at this prominent intersection slowed through traffic and nearly doubled the land area for development. Reztark’s mixed-use solution for the site created a new central hub for the Montgomery community. Framed by shops, apartments, and office space, the ‘Village Green’ acts as a backdrop for families, residents, and professionals to experience a place where life happens.



Village of Montgomery, Ohio



The gateway entrance into Montgomery was at the convergence of the end of Ronald Reagan Highway with Montgomery Road. A major exit emptied the highway onto Montgomery Road at an overpass that had reached its 35-year life span and it and all intersections around the overpass were listed as failures with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Main Street intersected with Montgomery Road severing any possible connectivity of downtown Montgomery to the new development.


The big gesture and organizing factor to the master plan was the introduction of a roundabout to replace the aging, failing overpass, which simplified the interchange at Montgomery Road and Ronald Reagan Highway.
This one simple design move created a beginning from an ending which resulted in a multitude of positive benefits to the development and surrounding community.

We know mixed-use

The blending together and integration of multiple uses into a space that through composing form, connectivity, and engagement bring people together in a stimulating sequence of settings that encourages connectivity and creates a lasting bond with the public. At its very minimum, mixed-use creates opportunities for growth. At its very best, mixed-use design evolves — threading complex components in a simple presentation that provides vitality, energy, and experiences for life.

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