Crayola Experience

Coloring Outside the Lines


Inspiring the Kid in Everyone to Create and Imagine

Defining what it means to be a crayon

Creating a retail store as an extension of the Crayola Experience meant bringing together the expertise of our industrial, graphic, and interior designers to craft a way for families to connect through the joy created by a box of crayons. The store experience begins and ends with a crayon. Taking guests on an adventure of exploration, engagement and discovery, mischievous crayon characters lead to moments of interaction and surprise. At the end of the journey, guests leave with an emotional keepsake commemorating their adventure with a crayon.

Growing the retail presence and brand experience afforded Crayola the opportunity to increase brand identity in various markets. The Crayola Experience Retail Store is a destination within itself; in this environment, guests get to know Crayola on a different level through inspiring visuals and iconic brand elements. To promote strategic circulation, placement of popular product on focal fixtures throughout the store entice exploration and delight guests as they discover product found only at Crayola.





Building memories through customization

Designing an experience around engagement led to the development of the Pick-Your-Pack wall – a visually impactful wall with bins of crayons and markers. Whether someone loves a specific crayon for its color or the name, the Pick-Your-Pack wall offers guests the opportunity to build their ideal box of crayons.

"Crayola Experience is more than just an attraction — it's a dynamic and colorful place where families can come together to create, play and make memories that will last a lifetime."

Victoria Lozano

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Attractions and Retail

Over 35 Years of Retail Experience

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