Artistry Reborn


Modernizing the Look of Quality While Maintaining Authenticity

Re-Imagining a Marketing Strategy

Looking to rebrand and launch two new product lines, Reztark worked with Candle-lite’s in-house design team to develop a new logo symbolizing tradition and quality craftsmanship. Creating packaging design concepts for both a traditional and contemporary line, Reztark re-imagined the industry standard of using photography to visually represent the candle’s scent and instead leveraged watercolor art to convey a sense of authenticity and artistry. All watercolor imagery shown on these concepts was sourced from the Internet and all rights remain with the owner.





A brand is a feeling and we’re cupid

Relevant, well-designed content engages people and establishes a lasting impression that leads to customer-brand loyalty. We see developing a consistent brand narrative as a valuable opportunity for businesses. We engage all design disciplines to inspire new ideas as well as deliver relevant graphic design solutions and branded experiences across all channels from the digital to the built environment.

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