50 West Brewing

A Destination Beyond Beer

50 West

Creating a road map for future growth — a signature experience that builds on existing brand equity and extends the story

Going the Extra Mile

50 West is expanding its presence into more communities. As part of this move Reztark was engaged to develop a new prototype concept inspired by the nostalgia of the classic road trip along Route 50. The goal is to bring people together through social activities that connect us all. Our concept invites and encourages customers to embrace life’s journey and enjoy it together.

The interior and exterior of the plan were designed to seamlessly connect and enable social connections. The new 50 West space will act as a family focused, lifestyle destination first and an award-winning brewery/restaurant second. Brilliantly crafted brews and craveable food offerings are served throughout the property, from inside a retro VW van to private sand-side cabanas or under a massive 60’ canopy.

This is the first step in an exciting new journey for 50 West. We worked closely with the client team to develop this pioneering retail experience that we believe reflects the future of the food and beverage industry.

Over 35 Years of Retail Experience

Retail is not dead. Instead, the success of retail lies in customer engagement – operators and tenants willing to break from yesterday’s patterns to practices and fully embrace a consumer-driven future. Discovery, education, convenience, and experience are our key components as we blend curated environments to meet the need of carefully targeted demographics. We can help brands of all sizes clearly convey their value, aligning with the values of their customers and anticipate lifestyle needs or desires along the way.