Nick Azbell

BIM Manager

Nick is a BIM Manager with over 13+ years of documentation and design experience. Utilizing his precision-based technical skills and meticulous quality control assurance, he maximizes the efficiency and level of innovation for each project. Additionally, Nick is always looking for ways of improving the technical procedures and guidelines of the overall workplace.

What are your hobbies and skills?

My current addiction is LEGO. I also, collect weird/funny Hot Wheels, watch too much TV, am a movie buff, Disney/Marvel fan, watch a lot of sports, and have season tickets to UC football and basketball. My skills include being the fastest drafter this side of the Mississippi (because I haven’t worked on the west coast). I also have a knack for finding errors/omissions/misspellings and can tell if something isn’t straight/level from far away.


Who is your favorite designer/architect?

Michael Graves, I love Post-Modernism and mixing old and new, but also have a passion for anything Art Deco.


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Architect or Ride Designer

What is your favorite song, movie or TV show?

Movie – The Big Lebowski. No clear winners for TV or Song, my taste is too eclectic.


Cats or Dogs?



West Coast or East Coast?



Morning or Night?



If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Why?

Europe, to see all the old and ancient sites in person.