Christie Kratzer

Principal | Design Principal

As President of Reztark International, a fully women-owned business, and our unofficial resident materials expert, Christie’s expertise enables our design team to push creative boundaries within a budget and source innovative and unique materials. She works with manufacturers to develop new techniques and materials to satisfy our creative concept. Christie excels at leading teams and working with clients to create authentic experiences defined by expressive materials, color, and textures.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nature, it does the best at putting color and texture together


What is your favorite word?



Who is your favorite designer/architect? Why?

Karim Rashid- industrial designer who works in all disciplines. He wants to push product development beyond just one gizmo better than the last model. He wants to change the way we do it.

Do you have pets? What are they and what are their names?

We have a dog named Goose and she is a Malamute/Arctic Wolf mix.


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Why?

I would travel the Swiss Alps. Sound of Music is my favorite movie.


Have you traveled out of the US or lived overseas? Where?

I grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I have traveled extensively through South America. I was also an exchange student to Turku, Finland. I have also traveled to Italy, Sweden, England, Mexico, and Canada.


Surprise, work is cancelled tomorrow, where will you be instead?

On the water anywhere!


What parts of your profession are you most passionate about?

Materials and helping younger designers to learn. My job is really to guide and encourage the teams to be as creative as possible in a budget and make their designs a reality.

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