Brett Kratzer

CEO | Design Principal, AIA, Leed AP

Brett established Reztark Design Studio to investigate the relationship between architecture and urban design with the common man. Brett’s passion for organizing a mix of uses to create places for people to live, work, shop and have fun. It is about bringing out the visceral wonders of life. And that is the focus of REZTARK: Creating Places for People.


Brett Kratzer has over 30-years of national and international professional experience creating imaginative designs for complex mixed-use, retail, entertainment, and hospitality developments. Brett’s experience has provided him keen insight into many different cultures, rich in architectural diversity, style and texture, which have given him a deep perspective towards design and the public realm

What is something you are most proud of that some people might not know?

My Children


What is your favorite thing about working at Reztark?

Design, Collaboration and Discussion, and Innovation


Who is your favorite designer/architect? Why?

Jon Jerde. He taught me that sense of place is created by the space between the buildings—it is the space not the object. Successful design is the experience received by being there.

What are you hobbies or special skills?

Target shooting


What is your favorite color?

Sunrise Yellow – Sunset Periwinkle


What is your favorite song, movie or TV Show?

Vikings | Game of Thrones


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

An architect

Highlighted Work: