2017 Product Runway

Happy Product Runway!! This years show was last night, April 13th, and it was a blast! The models looked great, the teams had fun, and everyone got to see some amazing garments. Hair and makeup was done by the students of the Paul Mitchell school, and can we just say they did an amazing job! We partnered with Interface and got to use carpet in some really cool ways. But we’ll get into that in a little bit…

This year’s theme was artists, and we chose Jiro Yoshihara. Jiro was a japanese artist who had two movements. The first took advantage of color in new and exciting ways, with explosive gestures and bold motion. He believed in people being part of the art. His second movement removed almost all color. He was enthralled with the concept of the void. Jiro relentlessly painted circles, each one different, by painting the space around the circle so that the actual circle was the void. As a team, we designed into these two movements. We wanted to create two different garments so we could showcase each movement fully, and after much sketching we came up with the designs you see below. The base materials for each piece is called lutridor, which is what carpet fibers are woven into. The feeling is similar to that of a dryer sheet so we thought it would be an ideal material to use for structure. Off of that base, we began building our coat and dress. The coat consists of a chaotic mixture of knit, crochet, pom poms, and cut pieces all made from carpet and carpet fibers. It was an enormous effort made only possible by each team member bringing different skills together and working harmoniously to get this crazy creation done! We are incredibly proud of how everything turned out!


Dean Lutton