We are a full-service design studio.


Where function meets experiential design


We imagine possibility. Conceptualizing places that function beyond form and function, we shape the experience of a place through good design. Architecture’s ability to define neighborhoods, engage people and create communities makes architecture our passion and the core of our business. Licensed in 46 states and having developed buildings all over the world, we’ve established expertise in various building techniques, codes and environments to design anywhere in the world. We believe successful architecture is achieved through the convergence of all design disciplines to create a sense of place in the area around the building, between the walls and on the other side of the doors.

Brett Kratzer

CEO | Design Principal

Dean Lutton

Director of Operations | Architect

Ian Ramous

Project Architect
Architecture / Branding / Graphic Design / Master Planning / Mixed-Use

Master Planning

Building communities through a system of connections


Master planning is about creating genius loci – a space that is alive – through a plan comprised of a program but defined by soul. Engaging all disciplines to create a system of connections, we transform a plan into a series of spaces that encourage community and generate memories ultimately bringing people back to a place. Through collaboration with clients we establish a vision and a program of uses that inform the design and enable us to discover the possibilities of a place.

Brett Kratzer
CEO | Design Principal
Ryan Johnson
Project Designer

Dean Lutton

Director of Operations | Architect

Interior Design

Increasing wellness through design


Passionate about interiors that better the way we live, we challenge ourselves and our clients to create environments that inspire people to connect through design. Interior design has the potential to re-wire the way we perceive homes, workplace and businesses. Whether our clients are looking to increase employee wellness and productivity, drive consumer-brand loyalty or develop a marketable living space we leverage our expertise in space planning and materials to design a space that delivers on that vision. Directly influenced by architecture and environmental graphics, we realize the importance to work with other disciplines in our firm to create truly impactful environments.

Christie Kratzer
Design Principal
Elizabeth Lucas
Senior Designer

Graphic Design

Forging relations through the stories we tell


Relevant, well-designed content engages people and establishes a lasting impression that leads to customer-brand loyalty. We see developing a consistent brand narrative as a valuable opportunity for businesses. We engage all design disciplines to inspire new ideas as well as deliver relevant graphic design solutions and branded experiences across all channels from the digital to the built environment.

Brian Murray
Senior Graphic Designer
Rebecca Kaiser
Graphic Designer
Architecture / Branding / Graphic Design / Master Planning / Mixed-Use

Industrial Design

Promoting brand relevance through human‐centered design


Reztark is a multidisciplinary design studio rooted in the belief that inspired design infuses life into everyday environments. Industrial design is at the core of this belief. Integral to our design process, industrial design establishes a design language for developing the most successful product that joins brand and identity, resulting in memorable experiences for the end-user. We change how people interact with our environment through meaningful innovation that encourages participation with our client’s brand.

Jennifer Kelley
Design Director | Industrial Design


We embrace technology to increase creativity and efficiency


Embracing technology to get us from where we are to where we want to be fosters better outcomes and products for our clients. Through technology, we can more accurately visualize and experience architecture, environments and places from concept to realization ensuring we deliver complete communities that benefit our clients.

Corey Mai
Dean Lutton
Director of Operations | Architect