Taiyuan Shahe Wholesale Market

Increasing quality of life

Left largely untouched by Taiyuan’s grass root initiative to improve air quality and quality of life in the city, the Taiyuan Shahe Wholesale Market site was identified as a prime location for creating a new city center. The City of Taiyuan held a paid design competition to redevelop the dilapidated retail site into a 21st century retail destination that would beautify the city. Inspired by the mountain ranges surrounding and protecting the city, our Feng Shui inspired design utilized a “u”-shaped organization of retail structures around a central park area. The proposed design provided a unique destination independent of the shopping center yet supporting the retail development.


Architecture, Concept Design, Master Planning, Site Planning






City of Taiyuan

Project Lead

Brett Krazter

Project Team

Thomas Schroeder, Dean Lutton, Christie Kratzer, Ian Ramous, Katie Kratzer-Smith