Step into a fairy tale

Drawing inspiration from Russian culture and heritage, the Sochi Park retail shops bring the magical world of Russian fairy tales to life within each of the five thematic zones. Whether entering the expressively welcoming Main Street gift shops and Tearoom, journeying through the fortress and workshops bursting with the epic tales and goods of the adored Bogatyr within the Medieval Village, soaring through the celebrated Space Shop or Inventor’s Work Shop in the Land of Science and Fiction or immersing into the fairy-tale magic of the Enchanted Forest’s captivating Puppet and Toy Shops, the rich Russian folklore and history will capture one’s attention and allow each guest to depart with a souvenir to commemorate their adventure.


Interior Design, Architecture, Image Strategy, Fixture Merchandising


Retail, Entertainment



Project Lead

Christie Kratzer

Project Team

Jennifer Kelley, Amanda Woltjer